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  1. Pre Stroke Trainer Tennis Weight Package
    Pre Stroke Tennis Trainer Warm Up Weight

    Out of stock

    Clip the 9-ounce PRE Stroke Trainer on your racquet strings for a quick warm-up to avoid arm and shoulder injuries. To develop acceleration and power on serves or groundstrokes through overspeed training, alternate between swinging with the Pre-Stroke Trainer and hitting balls. Increase resistance by moving the Pre-Stroke Trainer toward the end of the racquet. Learn More
  2. Head Adaptive Tuning Kit (Instinct)
    Head Adaptive Tuning Kit (Instinct)

    The new Head Adaptive Tuning Kit, allows you to customize the graphene touch adaptive racket to meet your exact needs. This kit not only allows you to change from a spin friendly 16x16 string pattern to your Adaptive Speed racquet, but it also gives you the ability to select from differently weighted side grommets so that you can fine tune your racquets maneuverability and stability. This kit also comes with handle spacers so that you can extend the length of your racquet by 5mm, 10mm or 15mm. Lastly this kit gives you the ability to tail-weight your racquet with a heavy butt cap insert.


    3 Grommet Sets

    • Heavy 16/19 (0.18 oz /adds .5 grams)
    • Light 16/16 (same weight as stock specs)
    • Heavy 16/19 (0.18 oz /adds .5 grams)

    3 Spacer Rings

    • +5mm  (adds 0.2in / .51 cm)
    • +10mm (adds 0.4in / 1.0 cm)
    • +15mm (adds 0.6in / 1.5cm)

    1 Butt Cap Insert

    • Heavy (0.35 oz /+10 grams)
    Learn More
  3. Dynaflex Powerball Pro Gyro Exerciser With Dock
    Dynaflex Powerball Pro Gyro Exerciser With Dock

    The Dynaflex Blue Gyro PowerBall Hand Exerciser + Docking Station spins at up to 15,000 RPM with up to 40 lbs. of torque to help improve your coordination while building the strength of your grip. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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