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Stringing Tools

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  1. Tennis Wooden Awl Stringing Tool
    Wooden Tennis Awl Stringing Tool

    A stringer's essential tool. Wooden handle with steel tip. Learn More
  2. Wooden Handle Grommet Grinder Stringing Tool
    Wooden Handle Grommet Grinder

    Grinder is a tungsten carbide rotary file to assist with the removal of damaged grommets, install grommets, install single grommets, clean frames, and other technician tasks.

    Size: 4mm

    Handle: Wooden

    Length: 6 inches

    Learn More
  3. Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine Tennis
    Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine

    MSRP: $8,000.00

    Our Price: $6,995.00

    Baiardo is the first stringing machine designed using the revolutionary Wilson B.E.S.T. stringing system (Biochemically Efficient Stringing Technology). Multiple ergonomic features provide unprecedented user comfort. Baiardo automatically adjusts heigh and tilt 3 times during the strining process (mounting, mains, crosses) putting the string bed in a biomechanically perfect position. Stringers experience less stress on the lower back, shoulders, neck arms, etc. Baiardo is also the most customizable stringing machine with 13 personalized stringer settings. Baiardo remembers all personal setting for up to 6 difference stringers. Just enter your name and height and Baiardo does the rest! Baiardo is controlled with an industry-first touch screen interface that is intuitive and fast. With the B.E.S.T. system, stringers are faster and more efficient during a long day of stringing. Stringers feel better at the end of the day due to superior ergonomic design.



    -STRINGING TOOLS INCLUDED FREE (cutter, plier, awl, etc)

    Learn More
  4. Tourna String Meter Tension Tester Tennis
    Tourna String Meter Tension Tester

    MSRP: $29.95

    Our Price: $24.95

    Tourna StringMeter, a tennis and racquetball string tension measuring device that monitors string tension and tension loss over time. Loss of tension will create more frustration and second-guessing of one’s game than anything else, for it causes the player to correct the wrong thing. Even the best racquet will play poorly if not strung well! Crafted with precision in the USA under a patented design, the StringMeter gives you precise and effective measurements every time. Learn More
  5. Starting Clamp Stringing Tool
    Starting Clamp Stringing Tool

    Quite possibly the most important tool for stringing. Use to start the stringing process and can even be used to extend the string length when measured too short. Two heavy duty springs and a diamond coated clamp surface for better grip. Learn More
  6. Mini Carbon Steel Cutter Stirnging Tool
    Mini Carbon Steel Cutter

    High quality cutters making clipping strings, grommets, lead tape, etc very easy. Durable tool with soft handles and spring loaded. Learn More
  7. Diagonal Cutter String Tool
    Diagonal Cutter String Tool

    MSRP: $14.95

    Our Price: $9.95

    Material: Stainless steel jaw, Anti-slip rubber handle
    Color: Blue
    Length: 130mm/5.12"  Width:80mm/3.15"

    Learn More
  8. Badminton Throat Load Spreader String Tool
    Badminton Throat Load Spreader String Tool

    MSRP: $9.95

    Our Price: $7.95

    -Protect your badminton racket druing the stirnging process from cracking due to high tension to the racket head and throat section..

    -If your racket is over 24 lbs in tension, then this tool is highly recommended to protect and prolong racket life.

    Learn More
  9. Badminton Fine Awl  Stringing Tool
    Badminton Fine Awl

    Plastic yellow handle with steel blade. Ideal for thinner jobs. Length is 5.5 inches. Learn More
  10. Babolat Setting Off Awl Red Stringing Tool
    Babolat Setting Off Awl Red

    MSRP: $39.95

    Our Price: $29.95

    A must have tool for any stringer to save their fingers. Easily allows stringers to adjust strings without damaging their fingers or the string. Ergonomic and comfortable handle. Learn More

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