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  1. Zenzah Elbow Compression Sleeve Black
    Zenzah Elbow Compression Sleeve Black

    MSRP: $24.95

    Our Price: $19.95

    The Zensah Elbow Sleeve helps to treat tennis elbow, elbow tendonitis, and golfers elbow. Innovative + compression technology provides the support where you need it most. Product is unisex.

    • Tennis Elbow, Elbow Tendinitis, and Golfer’s Elbow Relief: The compression elbow sleeve features Advance + Compression Technology - a cuff that is able to be folded over to provide a greater amount of compression to the upper forearm area. This helps to apply pressure where you need it the most to alleviate elbow pain.
    • Injury Prevention: The Zensah Elbow Sleeve helps to prevent injuries by stabilizing the muscles in the elbow area. This prevents injuries from developing and micro-tears of muscles. The elbow sleeve also has chevron ribbing for enhanced support to the forearm area.
    • Ultra-Comfortable Zensah Fabric: Made with advanced Zensah fabric, the Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve is moisture wicking, anti-odor, and ultra-comfortable. The compression elbow sleeve will not become heavy with perspiration, staying lightweight. It is breathable, ensuring you don’t get hot while wearing. It is made of a nylon and spandex blend. We guarantee this is the best elbow sleeve you will ever use.
    • Stays in Place and Full Range of Motion: The compression elbow sleeve features a no-slip cuff to prevent the elbow sleeve from slipping or sliding. Whether using the elbow sleeve for tennis or to treat elbow pain from an overuse injury, the compression in the elbow sleeve allows it to stay in place and not slip or slide unlike traditional tennis elbow straps. The lightweight design of the elbow sleeve provides a full range of motion unlike hard elbow braces.
    • One Elbow Sleeve per Purchase: Each purchase includes one single compression elbow sleeve. We also recommend that the elbow sleeve not be used during sleep.

    Sizes: Small-Bicep 7"-10", Forearm 7"-9" Medium-Bicep 10"-13", Forearm 9"-11" Large-Bicep 13"-Up, Forearm 11"-up

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  2. Zenzah Calf Compression Sleeve Black
    Zenzah Calf Compression Sleeve Black

    MSRP: $39.99

    Our Price: $34.95

    The Zensah Compression Shin Sleeve is a first of its kind in terms of performance and comfort. The dual action compression shin sleeve is designed with direct input from athletic trainers to the pros. SOLD AS A PAIR

    Shin Splint Relief: The Zensah Calf / Shin Splint Compression Sleeve was designed by professional athletic trainers to specifically target shin splints. The v-shaped chevron ribbing on the front of the sleeve provides the same relief as kinesiology tape without having to worry about being “taped up” by a trainer.  The compression in each pair of calf sleeves helps to stabilize muscles and prevent injuries. Whether suffering from shin splints due to running, playing basketball, or just everyday activities, the Zensah Calf Sleeve helps to provide much needed relief.
  3. Moisture Wicking and Ultimate Comfort:  The calf / shin compression sleeve is moisture wicking, ensuring it stays dry and lightweight even during the toughest runs and workouts. The shin compression sleeve is made with innovative Zensah fabric, which is anti-odor and ultra-breathable. A seamless design means no irritating tags or seams to cause discomfort. The solid color sleeves are made of 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex (Heather Colored Sleeves are made of 49% Polyester/41% Nylon/10% Spandex) to ensure a perfect fit.
  4. Improved Circulation and Faster Muscle Recovery: The compression in each calf sleeve helps to improve venous return, increasing blood flow and circulation. This leads to faster muscle recovery time, as muscles receive more of the oxygenated blood they need to recover. Runners and all athletes are able to take their training to the next level.
  5. Calf Support and Injury Prevention:  Micro-ribbing on the back of the calf sleeve provides calf support and helps to treat calf strains. Using the leg sleeves while running can reduce calf cramps and lessen fatigue. Pin-point compression provides targeted support where it is needed the most. The compression in the leg sleeve also helps to provide muscle stabilization, reducing micro tears and preventing injuries.

XS/S: Calf Size: 9.5" - 12.5", S/M: Calf Size: 12.5" - 15", L/XL: Calf Size: 15" and up

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  • Pro Tec Laced Ankle Brace Tennis
    Pro Tec Laced Ankle Brace

    The Pro-Tec Ankle Brace is a lace-up brace designed to stabilize the ankle joint. It helps prevent sprains, inversions and common ankle injuries. Design Features: Lightweight "lace-up", low-profile design is comfortable within shoe, spring steel stays add stability, foam filled, breathable mesh fabric "fits like a glove" Sizing Guide: Item# 2200 Small Men 6-7 Women 5-7.5 Item# 2201 Medium Men 7.5-10 Women 8-10.5 Item# 2202 Large Men 10.5-12.5 Women 11-13 Based on shoe size. Larger ankles buy one size up. Learn More
  • KT Tape Black
    KT Tape (Black)

    -Comfortable to wear for 1 to 3 days -Stays on in water -Targeted pain relief Learn More
  • Kneedit Therapeutic Knee Guard Brace
    Kneedit Therapeutic Knee Guard

    The ProBand® KneedIT targets the physiological causes of pain associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) to the knee for the amateur and professional athlete alike. KneedIT knee guard is an innovative and unique device scientifically designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain commonly associated with Arthritis, Tendonitis and Chondromalacia by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee. It provides pain relief by gently absorbing force at the knee and by exerting Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression® across the soft tissues in the front of the knee. Its patented technology is a superior therapy and may be used in conjunction with traditional methods such as taping or wrapping of the knee. KneedIT's anatomic design works in concert with the motion of your knee. By stabilizing the inferior pole of the patella KneedIT may also improve patellar tracking. Learn More
  • Dynaflex Powerball Pro Gyro Exerciser With Dock
    Dynaflex Powerball Pro Gyro Exerciser With Dock

    MSRP: $50.00

    Our Price: $39.95

    The Dynaflex Blue Gyro PowerBall Hand Exerciser + Docking Station spins at up to 15,000 RPM with up to 40 lbs. of torque to help improve your coordination while building the strength of your grip. Learn More
  • Bandit Therapeutic Forearm Band
    Bandit Therapeutic Forearm Band

    The ProBand BandIT is the only medically designed device which works with the human anatomy to aid in the relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow pain without cutting off circulation, hampering movement or causing uncomfortable swelling. Learn More
  • Babolat Wrist Support Tennis Brace
    Babolat Wrist Support

    The Babolat Tennis Wrist Support provides compression on the tendon for articular stabilization and increase comfort. Aside from preventing injuries, it provides great shock and vibration absorption.

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